"Thank you very much for the extra special attention you gave to my University of Florida diploma frame. Having the original Gator mascot on my matting really means a lot to me. The frame will help me cherish my diploma for years to come, thanks to your excellent customer service! You are doing a wonderful job!"

Valerie Skarbek - Chicago, IL

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What are your thoughts and emotions?

February 08, 2017

I was listening to a webinar yesterday when the speaker asked us about out brain and our thoughts.  He said that our brain is in charge of protecting us from harm.  It is the old ancient fear that results in fight or flight.  We needed this in the caveman days, right?  Do you need it now?  Yes, sometimes we do AND we are required to discern when it is necessary to listen to it when we are on a subway or when we are safe in our comfortable chair at home drinking our favorite beverage. When a fearful thought comes into your mind, do you go off on a tangent and continue to focus on that thought?  Do you bring...

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What's in your wallet?

January 26, 2017

Do you use your debit card?  Does your debit card have a chip reader on it?  Regardless, be aware!  One of our prized employees was robbed of over $1,000 last Friday.  Someone was able to get the number off of her card and obtain her pin number, she believes it happened at a gas station.  The thief then had a duplicate debit card made and went on to use it at a gas station ATM and to make large purchases at Wal-mart.  Shocking!  There are many articles on this and yet, we, including myself, continue to go on using our debit card like cash.  The best answer is to use a credit card and have the balance deducted from your checking account...

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