College and University Diploma Frames

Craftsmanship is not something that’s often considered when purchasing a diploma frame, even though it's so vitally important, especially considering the hard-earned achievement that it needs to protect. The materials used are as equally important,  because it's not a matter of if your diploma and frame will degrade if cheaper, inferior materials are used, it's how soon.  We at Professional Framing Company have been at the forefront of Custom Archival framing for almost 30 years, so we take diploma framing very seriously.  We never take shortcuts. We use only 100% archival cotton matting to prevent staining and yellowing. Never acid-free. Never paper.  And we will not let a frame leave our studio without UV glass, as it is our obligation, knowing how quickly a diploma can fade and crack from just indoor incandescent and fluorescent lighting alone. Learn more here or browse for your college or university below to learn more about the frames for your specific school!

ABAC diploma frames and displays logo  ABRAHAM BALDWIN Agricultural College - ABAC - Diploma Frames

  ALABAMA, University of - UA - Diploma Frames

  AUBURN UNIVERSITY - AU - Diploma Frames

  CENTRAL FLORIDA, University of - UCF - Diploma Frames

The Citadel diploma frames and displays  The Citadel Diploma Frames

UCONN diploma frames logo  CONNECTICUT, University of - UCONN - Diploma Frames

Cornell diploma frames logo  CORNELL UNIVERSITY - Diploma Frames


UF Diploma frames logo  FLORIDA, University of - UF - Diploma Frames

FAU diploma frames and graduation displays  Florida Atlantic University - FAU - Diploma Frames

Florida State logo  FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY - FSU - Diploma Frames

Fresno State diploma frame logo  FRESNO STATE UNIVERSITY - Diploma Frames

George Washington University diploma frames  GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY - GWU - Diploma Frames

Georgetown University diploma frames  GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY - GU - Diploma Frames

  GEORGIA, University of - UGA - Diploma Frames

GSU Diploma frames  GEORGIA SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY - GSU - Diploma Frames


  GEORGIA TECH - GT - Diploma Frames

Georgia Southwestern Diploma Frames logo  GEORGIA SOUTHWESTERN - GSW - Diploma Frames

University of Illinois diploma frame logo  ILLINOIS, University of - UIUC - Diploma Frames

ISU custom diploma frames and displays  IOWAS STATE UNIVERSITY - ISU - Diploma Frames

James Madison University diploma frames logo  JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY - JMU - Diploma Frames

University of Kansas diploma frames logo  THE UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS - KU - Diploma Frames


Kent State diploma frames logo  KENT STATE UNIVERSITY - KSU - Diploma Frames

UKy Diploma frames  KENTUCKY, University of - UKy - Diploma Frames

ULL diploma frames collection  LOUISIANA, University of - ULL - Diploma Frames

Louisiana State University diploma frames  Louisiana State University - LSU - Diploma Frames

UL diploma frames  LOUISIVILLE, University of - UL - Diploma Frames

Lynchburg College diploma frames logo  LYNCHBURG COLLEGE - LC - Diploma Frames

View the MTSU diploma frames  MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY - MTSU - Diploma Frames

  Morehead State University - MSU - Diploma Frames

Murray State University diploma frames logo  MURRAY STATE UNIVERSITY - MSU - Diploma frames

University of North Carolina Asheville diploma frames  NORTH CAROLINA ASHEVILLE, University of - UNCA - Diploma Frames

  NORTH CAROLINA CHARLOTTE, University of - UNCC - Diploma Frames

  NORTH CAROLINA GREENSBORO, University of - UNCG - Diploma Frames

Nova Southeastern diploma frames  NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY - NSU - Diploma frames

University of North Georgia diploma frames  UNIVERSITY of NORTH GEORGIA - UNG - Diploma Frames

Northern Kentucky University diploma frames  NORTHERN KENTUCKY University - NKU - Diploma Frames

Pasco-Hernando diploma frames logo  PASCO-HERNANDO STATE COLLEGE - PHSC - Diploma Frames

Penn State University custom diploma frames logo  PENN STATE University - Diploma Frames

Purdue University diploma frames logo  PURDUE UNIVERSITY Diploma Frames

View all of the PBA diploma frames  PALM BEACH ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY - PBA - Diploma frames

UR Diploma Frames  RICHMOND, University of - UR - Diploma Frames

Randolph-Macon diploma frames logo  RANDOLPH MACON COLLEGE - RMC - Diploma Frames

Roanoke College diploma frames  ROANOKE COLLEGE - RC - Diploma Frames

View all of the SJU diploma frames and graduation gifts  SAINT JOSEPH's UNIVERSITY - SJU - Diploma Frames

University of South Alabama diploma frame collection logo  SOUTH ALABAMA - USA - Diploma Frames

USF Diploma Frame collection  SOUTH FLORIDA, University of - USF - Diploma Frames

USC diploma frame collection  SOUTH CAROLINA, University of - USC - Diploma Frames

USC Upstate dipla frames and displays  SOUTH CAROLINA UPSTATE - USC Upstate - Diploma Frames

St. Cloud State University custom diploma frames logo  ST. CLOUD STATE University - SCSU - Diploma Frames

Click to view SF Austin Diploma frames  STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE UNIVERSITY - SFA - Diploma Frames

Sweet Briar College diploma frames and graduation gifts  SWEET BRIAR COLLEGE - SBC - Diploma Frames

Syracuse University diploma frames  SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY - SU - Diploma Frames

  TENNESSEE, University of - UT - Diploma Frames

UTHSC diploma frames logo  TENNESSEE HEALTH SCIENCES - UTHSC - Diploma Frames

Texas Arlington diploma frames logo  TEXAS - ARLINGTON, University of - UTA - Diploma Frames

University of Texas at El Paso diploma framing and displays  TEXAS at ELPASO, University of - UTEP - Diploma Frames

Valdosta State University diploma frames logo  VALDOSTA STATE UNIVERSITY - VSU - Diploma Frames

University of Virginia diploma frames  UNIVERSITY of VIRGINIA - UVA - Diploma Frames

VT diploma frames  VIRGINIA TECH - VT - Diploma Frames

Western Carolina University diploma frames logo  WESTERN CAROLINA UNIVERSITY - WCU - Diploma Frames

University of West Georgia diploma frames  WEST GEORGIA, University of - UWG - Diploma Frames

WSU diploma frame collection  WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY - WSU - Diploma Frames

WKU diploma frames  WESTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY - WKU - Diploma Frames