November 16, 2016


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How to be Happy - A Life-Changing Lesson

What makes us happy? This is a surprisingly difficult question as many of us take happiness for granted or are in a desperate search for happiness.  

The truth is happiness comes from within.  You may ask, what exactly does that mean...from within?  I mean that happiness is an emotion and emotions comes from our thoughts and thoughts come from our brain and emotions come from the "feelings" we have within our body.  You feel hot and cold, those are tactile.  When you feel sad, what are you thinking about?  What are your focusing on.  Ask the same questions when you feel happy, excited, motivated, etc. 

Stop what you are doing right now....and check to see what you are "feeling" .... now, check to see what thoughts you have around those feelings.  Try it!  Are you thinking about something in the past or something in the future?  


8 Tricks to Stay Focused and Get Things Done

How many times do we get to the end of our day and find that the important things we planned on completing just simply did not happen?!?!  Well, this definitely happens to me more than I like admitting. Most of us know what the tricks are, we simply get  busy, thinking that we don't need to do them ....yet, again, at the end of the day, we realize that we didn't get some of the most important items completed.  

Please try these tips.  They will help you get the important things completed and as a result you will feel more relaxed, relieved, confident and competent.  

8 Tricks to Say Focused and Get Things Done

Keep an organized space. Less clutter will allow you to focus and get your work done with more concentration.

Turn off or put your cellphone away and disconnect from the internet.  Remove anything that can distract you from the task at hand. If you need to use you computer for the project, keep your email, facebook, etc. closed and only open them at designated times you can set based on your business needs.

Make a to-do list. Make the list the night before your workday and prioritize each item.  This will help you put all of the items that you must do on one list and get them out of your mind.  Now you can relax and have a more peaceful nights rest knowing that you will  complete the most important tasks the next day.

Manage your time and energy.  As you look at your to-do list, think about what is the most important to get accomplished and then figure out how long it will take you to accomplish each task.  You can then do the most important tasks first and strive to complete each task within each time limit. (Note: Often times, we will do the things that we can get accomplished the quickest and plan on attempting longer/more tedious tasks afterwards.  This usually does not work because we only have so much energy during the day.  Use the majority of your energy on the most important tasks first and then the tasks that take the least amount of time can be completed with ease and less stress.  Also remember, when you do the faster or easier tasks first, you are taking your valuable time and energy dreading the larger, more cumbersome task.)

Take a 5 to 10 minute break for every hour of work.  If you are really doing strenuous or complicated work, take a 3 to 5 minute break each half hour.  This will refresh your mind and keep you focused.  Remember, this is a refreshing break only!  Don't get sidetracked!!!

Forget multitasking. Focus ONLY on one task at a time for maximum focus.  

Get a good night's sleep. Poor concentration is one of the main symptoms of sleep loss.

Separate the space. If you work from home, use a separate work space from where you live.  This can greatly increase focus and concentration.  If this is not physically possible, create an area of a room and dedicate it only to your work.  You can put a small table in a corner with a laptop and file box.  This can be your office until you are able to expand.  Remember, keep the laptop closed and put away if you don't need it for the tasks at hand.

Use this tricks and you will begin to magically get all of your work done quickly.

Have a great day!


January 15, 2015


Welcome Wayne State University!

Wayne State University Diploma Frames Collection

Though we have been crafting Wayne State University diploma frames for years, we are proud to add them to our new website, along with new offerings including a diploma frame with a campus watercolor of Old Main Clock Tower.  Congratulations to all of our recent Wayne State graduates! Visit the Wayne State University diploma frame page now.

December 15, 2014


The Perfect College Graduation/Christmas Gift!

The perfect college and university graduation Christmas gift

Wondering what to give a recent college graduate for Christmas? It doesn't get any more thoughtful than an official diploma frame to honor a hard-earned accomplishment, and the Alma mater near and dear to someone's heart. But not sure which one to get? Give the gift of choice with our eGift cards! Read more...

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December 02, 2014


What do You Know About College Today?

College and University facts

Did you know that 21% of American college graduates are the first in their family to earn a bachelor's degree? How about the percentage of college students who finance their own education? We've got some quick tidbits about America's current quest for higher education. Read more...

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October 29, 2014


Done! Now What? Some Inspirational Quotes for College Graduates

Inpirational college and university graduation quotes and diploma framing

A quote from an '80's sitcom favorite might just say it best: "Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got."  Though times have vastly changed over the years, the gist of this little diddy is still very much apropos, if not even more so today.  So with that said, here are some little tidbits that might give you a little extra boost if you are getting close to graduation, or have just made it on the 'other side.' Read more...

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October 15, 2014


Spotlight: Crazy College Traditions

College and University traditions, as well as diploma frame information

College culture is steeped in age-old tradition but can often met with a healthy dose of, HUH?  From the funny to the down-right weird, it seems every student body has its own rites of passage and graduation requirements. Check out this first installment of strange but true college traditions. Read more...

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September 30, 2014


Your College and University Commencement and Graduation Dates - Fall & December 2014

College and University graduation dates and diploma frames

The big day is getting closer! We have your 2014 Fall commencement and graduation dates for colleges and universities right here. Read more...

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September 24, 2014


Some Quick Tips About Custom Framing

Custom Frames

Selecting the proper materials when framing something important is, well... Important. But it's easier than you might imagine. Check out our quick tips to free your mind a bit! Read more...

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August 22, 2014

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Your Big Fat College Graduation Checklist: You Know You Need It

College graduation checklist

As the big day approaches, it's easy to get lost and overwhelmed by all of the things barreling your way. It seems easier to just hyper-focus on an epic after-party, than it does keeping up with all the pesky responsibilities that are looming in between. Here's a check list of things that will help free your mind so that it can return to other things... like final exams. And that after-party, of course. Read more

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