What are your thoughts and emotions?

I was listening to a webinar yesterday when the speaker asked us about out brain and our thoughts.  He said that our brain is in charge of protecting us from harm.  It is the old ancient fear that results in fight or flight.  We needed this in the caveman days, right?  Do you need it now?  Yes, sometimes we do AND we are required to discern when it is necessary to listen to it when we are on a subway or when we are safe in our comfortable chair at home drinking our favorite beverage.

When a fearful thought comes into your mind, do you go off on a tangent and continue to focus on that thought?  Do you bring in past thoughts that might reinforce the thought and then project the thoughts and potential situation into the future?  What happens then?  I mean, what feelings result?  Do you get afraid, depressed, or sick?  Just think about this for a moment.  This is so very powerful!  

Observe your thoughts now.  What are you thinking now?  Are your worried about paying your bills?  Are you thinking about a test that you have to take?  Are your concerned about your health?  Are you worried about your children's safety?  Are you concerned about your spouse or lover cheating on you or abandoning you?  What are your thoughts?  

Now, take a few moments and write those thoughts down.  Are they happening now, in this present moment?  I mean really now!  Did it happen in the past or are you thinking that it might happen in the future?  What is really happening in the now?  Are you in a safe environment?  Do you have food to eat?  Do you have ANY loved ones in your life, Ie...friends, family, etc.?

What if, when a fearful thought comes into your mind you simply say "Thank you for sharing"?.  Period!  You simply thank your mind for "warning" you of a fearful situation that MIGHT happen and then you focus on what is in the present moment.  Even if that present moment you sitting with a hot cup of coffee, a tree, a blade of grass, a plant, a pet, etc.

Just try this.  It certainly won't cause you any harm AND it just may put you on a path to happiness and abundance.  When you notice that it does start helping you, remember to practice it with EVERY fearful and negative thought.

Much love,


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