What are the qualities of Custom Photo Frames?

What are the qualities of Custom Photo Frames?  This is a good question!  First of all, the sky is unlimited as to what we can offer to customize a frame.  My question is "what do you want to frame, meaning photo, certificate, drawing, etc.?" After this question is answered, my brain wheels start reeling with ideas!

My next question is usually, "what is the significance of the item, meaning, what is the story behind the item?".

For example, I met a young, newly married couple today who had purchased artwork while they were on their honeymoon and they wanted to have it framed.  In our conversation, they told me about a coin that a family member had and it had been estimated to have come from the time that Jesus walked the earth.  My idea wheels started turning and I had the idea of framing the coin and then laser etching on the mat the time and history of the coin.  This will make a wonderful conversation piece and preserve the item for years to come.

We all have pictures in our phones and cameras AND those that have been handed down to us.  There is usually a story around each picture.  Now, when these pictures are seen years from now and your are no longer around, will that person know and appreciate the reason for the picture that was taken?  Probably not.  Our thought is that for the pictures you want preserved and framed, we will frame them with acid free mats and glass that will protect the picture from all indoor and outdoor lighting AND we will laser etch the date and story onto the mat. 

For example, let's say your mother gave you a photo of her great-grandmother and great-grandfather who were posed together holding their precious newborn baby, your mother.  We will laser the grand-parents names on the mat and your mother's name and the date. Do you have her baby shoe or gown/dress?  Those can be added into the frame as well.

This framed memory has the potential of being handed down for generations to come.  How exciting and what a precious memory.

Wouldn't this be a GREAT holiday gift for your mom?

As you know, the ideas are endless.  If you have an item to frame and a story behind it and you want it preserved, we are here for you.  Call us anytime!

Have a wonderful, idea filled day!

Amit Sharma
Amit Sharma


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