The importance of UV protected glass.

In 2011, Professional Framing Company decided to use 99% UV protected glass in all of our frames.  How come?  Let me show you a live example.  In the pictures above, on the right you see a lithograph of an architectural rendering of the Georgia Southern Sweetheart Circle.  On the left, you see an earlier print that was in a frame with standard glass and was hung on a wall in a room where there was mostly florescent lighting.  Look closely at the print on the left, you can see the original print around the top and right side of the print.  I made a notation of this at the top of the print.  These lithographs are a limited edition and are signed and numbered by the artist.  Look closely at the bottom left of each lithograph, you will see the number of that print. 

I realize many people may think this was created in Photoshop and I assure you that it was not.  I took this picture with my phone.

Imagine what natural sunlight, incandescent lighting and florescent lighting can do to your documents.  We chose to go with UV protected glass back in 2011 because we believe that you want to preserve and protect the items you frame.   We also believe that you deserve a superior product for a reasonable price. 


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