Re-Energize Your Drive, Enthusiasm and Creativity

There are times in our lives when our enthusiasm appears to wane and we seem to be losing the old drive and energy.  It can happen to the best of us and usually does at one time or another.

It can be a challenging time and one that will slip up on you before you know it, especially if you've been on the same job for a long time.  The natural and normal enthusiasm you once felt for your work is replaced unconsciously with boredom and stagnation.

What is needed is a new, fresh approach.  You are required to make a conscious and deliberate effort to revitalize your thinking by adopting four basic rules:

1. Be receptive to new ides, new ways of doing things. Newness often means change and people who get set in their ways unconsciously resist change.  They become negative when confronted with anything that might upset their smoothly oiled apple cart. Open up your thinking to the possibility that newness will equal greater drive, enthusiasm and creativity.

2. Keep on learning.  Always acquire new facts and keep up with the growing body of knowledge in your field of work. Stagnant thinking literally creates a rut in your brain.  The rut keeps you in your routine and makes it more challenging to make changes. Start now, learn something new and start applying it to your daily thoughts and routine. The brain is more efficient with pathways rather than ruts. Also remember, people who assume they know enough or everything will wake up one day and find that things have passed them by. 

3. Capture your insights. Too many of us have good ideas, then ignore or forget about them or fail to follow through on them. What a waste! The essence of creative thinking is the flash of insight, the thoughts that suddenly emerge as a brand new idea. Such insights are often priceless and open up whole new vistas of opportunity. Write them down and use them.

4. Think, question, be curious about your challenges.  Examine challenges, don't run away or avoid them.  What you resist persists! Think the challenges through to logical conclusions, ask for assistance, research, be curious and pray for guidance. This process involves courage, self discipline and trust AND it adds excitement as the possibilities for solutions bubble up for examination.

Remember, you are the only one who is in charge of your thinking.  Practice focus in each moment.  Make each tasks a game.  Play with the ideas and possibilities. Have fun and your drive, enthusiasm and creativity will explode!


Freda Cornelius
Freda Cornelius


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