Happy almost Halloween! What are you wearing tomorrow?

Although Halloween originally started out as a Celtic ritual it is now more of a time for adults to play, have fun and perhaps, be someone they really want to be!

When I was a child, we dressed up and went up and down the neighborhoods and gathered candy.  It was fun and safe.  Today, many churches, neighborhoods and groups offer Halloween events for the children to dress up and safely have fun and gather candy.  

As an adult, I totally enjoyed dressing up, especially as a cat, and going to parties. It was always fun to see how creative everyone was.  The best one I saw years ago was a guy who dressed up in Kudzu!  If you don't know what kudzu is, it is a vine that runs rampant here in Georgia.  In fact, if you don't maintain the kudzu, it has the potential of covering your home in a very rapid time frame!  Anyway, I have the thought that the kudzu the man wore must have itched!

I was at a networking event last week and many people were excited about the costumes they planned on wearing to work and to the networking event we will attend tomorrow.  I can't wait to see what everyone will wear.  My co-worker purchased butterfly wings for me to wear.  I guess I will be a butterfly tomorrow.

Now, all this being said, I know there will be many pictures taken.  We have the ability to laser etch verbiage onto mats.  How fun will it be to see a framed photo of your group, hanging in your office and/or home with the year and verbiage that will capture the moment for years to enjoy!!!

Please think of us for all of your framing needs.  We are here to serve.

Have a wonderful safe and joy filled day tomorrow.

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