Halloween fun for everyone!

I have been seeing all types of pumpkins at the grocery store, churches, grocery stores, Walmart, Home Depot....they are everywhere!  I was in the check out line at the Walmart near my home last Sunday.  There was a very cute little girl and her family in front of me.  The little girl appeared to be about 3 years old.  She had a small pumpkin in her hand and her mom and her dad each had a pumpkin in their hands as well.  The cute little girl was very excited about getting the pumpkins.  She was dancing around, hopping, pretending as if she was going to eat the pumpkin, she simply was excited.  At one point, she asked her mom if she could carve her pumpkin right then.  The mom asked her, "You want to carve the pumpkin while we are standing in line at the store!".  The little girl paused and considered the question before she answered with a resounding "YES".  I giggled as I thought of the innocence of the child and how she only wanted to have fun.  She even made standing in line fun as she was joyfully, and unknowingly, entertaining her parents and the people standing near her.  She reminded me of when I was a little girl with no concerns other than having fun.  Are you having fun?  Are you willing to take the tasks in your life fun?  Perhaps while standing in line at a store, instead of become annoyed or impatient, you reflect on happy things and a big smile will come up on your face.  When this happens, observe the people around you. See who smiles back. Happy Halloween!

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