Don't let the Flu Bug get you! Take steps Now to Beat the Flu This Season

I had an appointment today with my chiropractor and in the waiting area I saw a local magazine where he had written an article regarding self care during the flu season.  This article is great and I obtained his permission to share his thoughts with you. Before I start -  remember,  Thanksgiving is next week!  Wow!  Can you believe the holidays are upon us?  Are you thinking of that special gift without breaking the budget? We have wonderful personalized and customized gifts for many areas of life that will show your loved one how much you care.  A simple frame with an opening for a photo and a note and a date laser etched into the mat, will stamp the treasured memory in time forever.

Now, for the Dr. Andrew Payne's steps to beat the flu this season:

1 - Start eating healthy today.  Double the amount of vegetables and fruit with all meals.  Eat a banana with breakfast, an orange with lunch and a bow of raw vegetables with dinner.  The nutrients gained through these fruits and vegetables can greatly improve your immune system. (Plus, you will thank me (Dr. Payne) next summer when bathing-suit season starts and you were prepared six months in advance.)

2 - Walk a mile per day outside in the daylight.  Exercise has a direct impact on your overall health and immune system.  While exercising, take time to soak up the sun's rays and get your daily dose of natural vitamin D.  When winter comes around, we find ourselves inside more and depending on our job schedule, never seeing the sun at all.

3 - Get a chiropractic adjustment.  At lease one study shows that adjustments increase the immune system by as much as 200 percent.  That's right!  In a study done by Dr. Ron Pero, a cancer and genetic research specialist, patients of all ages under chiropractic care had a 200 percent greater "immune competence" than people who had never received chiropractic care.  This is the secret we have all been looking for.

Eat right, exercise daily and seek chiropractic care for smooth sailing through the winter and into next summer.

Thank you Dr. Payne!  This is great advise.

Freda Cornelius
Freda Cornelius


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