Never Let Fear Decide Your Fate!

The thing I fear most is fear. - quote by Michel Eyquem De Montaigne 1580

Nothing is terrible except fear itself. - quote by Francis Bacon 1623

The only thing I am afraid of is fear. - quote by Duke of Wellington ("The Iron Duke") 1831

Nothing is so much to be feared as fear. - quote by Henry David Thoreau 1841

We all know what fear feels like and it is probably the most common emotion.  Because fear is so common, it can be associated with dread, horror, phobia, terror, alarm, suspicion, panic, etc.  The truth is that fear typically exists in your mind only!  What are your thoughts around a fear?  Are you thinking about something that happened in the past and are fearful that it may happen again?  Are you thinking about a future event and making up a fearful scenario for the outcome?

Stop now and think about a fear you have.  What is the thought behind the fear?  Now, relax, bring your thought to the present.  Focus on your breath.  Watch your chest rise and fall.  Feel your breath going in and out.  Now stay with the focus on your breath, are you fearful now?  Remember, when we are fearful, we take very shallow breaths.  Breath deeply and just watch yourself breath.

My suggestion for you is that every time you have a fearful thought come up, take a moment, focus on your breathing and breath deeply.  Practice that for just a few seconds and you will relax and your fearful thought will shift. I also highly suggest keeping a journal of your thoughts.  Think them out on paper.  I find that writing my thoughts out in a journal helps me to see other alternatives.

I wish you the best and have a wonderful - fear-less day!


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