Beginning Again - Only Keep the Happy Thoughts in Your Mind


At some time in our lives, all of us face the need of a new beginning.  As toddlers learning to walk, we fall down, get up, and try again.  In school, we fail tests and take them again.

We then move into young adulthood, we go away to college and we adjust to a new beginning as we are out in the world on our own.  We get married and go on to start a family, again, a new beginning.

Later in life, we may lose a job and face the traumatic experience of finding and beginning a new one.  We may move from one town to another and be forced to adjust to new surroundings.  When a love one dies, we have to learn to live with the void.  A marriage comes apart, and two people must make separate lives for themselves.  Our health fails or we find ourselves growing old and we must adjust to a new lifestyle.

We all must learn to begin again.  That's life - a series of new beginnings. We make many changes and new beginnings in life.

Remember, we may not have control over the thoughts that enter our heads AND we do have complete control over what stays there.  It is our responsibility to become a master of our own thoughts.  Take away the thoughts that will have the most positive impact on your happiness.

Freda Cornelius
Freda Cornelius


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