What do You Know About College Today?

College and University factoids
Here are some current factoids about America's quest for higher education:
  • The percentage of today's American college graduates that are the first in their family to earn a bachelor's degree: 21%
  • The percentage of undergraduates that finance their own college degree: 67%
  • The percentage of full-time undergrads, who are 24 or younger, work 20 hours or more a week: 23%
  • One of the fastest growing degrees in the country: park, recreation, leisure, & fitness studies.
  • On Average, the amount of financial aid/assistance the average American college student receives each year: $9,100
  • The length of time an American undergraduate takes to finish their degree? 53 months
  • The most popular undergraduate college major: Business related fields
  • The percentage of undergraduates that go to graduate school: 32%
  • The amount of extra earning potential a bachelor's degree adds to a graduate's salary: $15,800
  • The amount of Americans that leave high school and immediately enroll in college: 69%
  • The amount of American undergraduates that are attending college classes online: 20%
  • The average tuition for a private college in America: $33,000

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Mark Avery
Mark Avery


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